Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 199)

( From page 002 G) Megascleres Tetracts or derivatives (Monaenes, Diaenes, Triaenes, Dichotriaenes, etc.) and Sigmaspires OR Microxeas OR Asters present (commonly spicules very long -may have other spicules but NO calthrops).
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Microscleres present. May include Sigmaspires Spiny Sigmas, Asters or Microxeas. The latter are in the range of 35 - 100 μm long.
Microscleres absent.
Tetilla mutabilis de Laubenfels, 1930
Sponge: Pedunculate-clavate to irregularly massive to 8 cm. high.
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