Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 084)

( From page 083 A) Mean and greatest oxea length > 200 μm.
Tangential ectosomal skeleton present.
Form: cylindrical branches.
cc084A.jpg (Dickenson, 1945) [of Sim & Bakus, 1986]
Sponge: Cylindrical branches to 14 cm long. Consistency: woody.
Color: Tan to drab. ?Alive.
Spicules: Megascleres: (1) Oxeas: 300 -339- 400 um. x 5 -8- 10 um.
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Skeleton: No information given.
Distribution: Southern California.
Depth: 0.9 m.
Note: Based on description of Sim & Bakus, 1986. The lack of information on skeletal structure, including the presence of a tangential skeleton, oscule size, and the disparity in spicule complement and sizes * makes this identification by Sim and Bakus suspect. This species was first described as Adocia. which has recently been placed into Haliclona.

* Type has two size classes of oxeas, reported as 240 x 14 μm and 130 x 3 μm. Both size classes are well below the size range given by Sim & Bakus.
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No tangential ectosomal skeleton.
Form does not include cylindrical branches.
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