Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 102)

( From page 101 B) Sponge encrusting. Color: rose-lavender, light grey-brown or grey-blue.
Surface irregular, soft.
Oscula 2 - 7 mm; sometimes arranged in rows or ridges, flush with surface OR raised rims to 10 mm high.
Color: rose-lavender, lavender, light grey-brown.
Haliclona (Rhizoniera) sp. A (Hartman, 1975)
Sponge: Encrusting to 2 cm thick. Surface: irregular. Oscula: 2-7 mm. in diameter, sometimes in rows or ridges, flush with surface or with raised rims to 10 mm. high.
Color: Alive: Rose-lavender, lavender, light-grey-brown.
Spicules: Megascleres: (1) Oxeas: 130 -140-165-188 um. x 3.0 -6.0-7.5- 11 um.
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Skeleton: Vertical multispicular tracts, with cross spicules horizontal, diagonal, or irregular.
Distribution: Central California.
Depth: Intertidal to subtidal.
Note: Was Reniera sp.A. De Weerdt, 2002 has synonymized Reniera with Haliclona (Reniera). However, the description of this species does not fit that assignation. Recent review puts this species into Haliclona (Rhizoniera). See page 103B.
Surface smooth, soft.
Oscula 1 - 2 mm; barely raised above surface.
Color: grey blue.
Haliclona (Rhizoniera) sp. B (Hartman, 1975)
Sponge: Encrusting to 5 mm thick.
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