Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 105)

( From page 104 A) Toxas present.
Oxeas > 500 μm.
Petrosia (Petrosia) cf. borealis (Lambe, 1895) [of Bakus & Green, 1987]
Sponge: No information given.
Color: Preserved in alcohol: White.
Spicules: Megascleres: (1) Oxeas: 590 -606- 630 um. x 13 -14- 15 um. Microscleres: (1) Toxas: 52 -110- 170 um.
Skeleton: No information given.
Distribution: Tanner Bank, Southern California.
Depth: Deep water, 1189 m.
Note: Lambe describes this species as occurring with Oxeas 144 - 176 x 13 μm. Koltun describes Oxeas of 144- 225 μm. Since so little information is given in the description of this species and there is such a great discrepancy in the spicule measurements taken by Bakus and Green and those of Lambe, the identity must remain insecure. No illustrations available.
Note 2: De Weerdt, 2002, has synonymized Toxadocia with Haliclona. Lambe's species is now considered Petrosia (Petrosia) borealis. No definitive identification can be made on the basis of the above information. Originially cited as Toxadocia cf. borealis.
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Oxeas < 500 μm.
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