Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 112)

( From page 108 B) NO sigmas present. Microspined Microxeas (Onychaetes) present.
Megascleres: Subtylotes-Strongyles of 2 size classes.
All megascleres > 400 μm.
Tedania (Tedania) sp. [of Lee]
Sponge: Encrusting to 5 mm thick.
Color: not recorded.
Spicules: Megascleres: (1) Subtylotes to Strongyles with microspined heads: 473 -535- 576 um. (2) Subtylotes to Strongyle: 673 -754 - 824 um. Microscleres: (1) Micro-spined microxeas: 80 -93- 104 um.
Skeleton: Ectosome thin, membranous, with but a few Strongyles parallel to surface. Choanosome paucispicular to multispicular tracts form very irregular meshwork, with tracts to surface. Just below surface tracts splay with spicules barely penetrating membrane.
Distribution: Central California.
Depth: Intertidal.
Note: Microspined ends of megascleres difficult to see.
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Megascleres Strongyles, Subtylotes or Tylotes of a single size class with microspined heads.
All megascleres < 400 μm.
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