Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 148)

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Arcuate Isochelae of 1 size class.
Sigmas: 30 - 65 μm.
Arcuate Isochelae of 2 size classes.
Sigmas: 19-39 μm.
Lissodendoryx (Lissodendoryx) sp. 1 [of Lee]
Sponge: Encrusting to 2 cm. Surface: granular to superficially smooth. Oscula: with tiny rims, less than 1 mm across.
Color: Alive: Gold, cinnamon brown, yellow, buff.
Spicules: Megascleres: (1)Styles-Acanthostyles: 149 -182-190- 210 um. (2)Tylotes - Subtylotes: 135 -168-182- 200 um. Microscleres: (1)Arcuate Isochelae: 11 -13-17- 21 um. (2)Arcuate Isochelae: 19 -27-31- 41 um. (3)Sigmas: 19 -26-31- 39 um.
Skeleton: Ectosome: Dermal membrane under which are thick palisades of Tylotes-Subtylotes, mostly perpendicular to the surface. Choanosome: Bundles of 3-5 or more spicules organized into a thick reticulation. Tract only near surface where they blend into palisades.
Distribution: Central California.
Depth: Intertidal.
Note: Easily confused with Lissodendoryx firma. Could be a variant of that species.
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