Identifying Sponges

Key to California Porifera (Page 134)

( From page 133 B) Microscleres do NOT include Anchorate Isochelae.
Microscleres Sigmas ONLY.
Lissodendoryx (Lissodendoryx) rex de Laubenfels, 1930
Sponge: Massive 2 cm x 3 cm. Consistency: fragile. Surface: superficially smooth. Oscula: not evident.
Color: Alive: Drab..
Spicules: Megascleres: (1) Styles: 570 um. x 16 um. (2) Tylotes-Subtylotes: 280 um. x 7 um. Microscleres: (1) Sigmas: 50 - 55 um.
Skeleton: Ectosome: A dermal membrane, thin, detachable, fleshy. Contains many Sigmas and a few scattered tangential Tylotes-Subtylotes. Membrane supported by fascicular bundles of Tylotes to Subtylotes. Choanosome of scattered Styles, most of which have their points directed towards the surface.
Distribution: Central California.
Depth: 700 m.
Note: Species not reported since initial description. This species is peculiar since it has no chelae. Its generic placement is confusing and must remain suspect until further review.
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Microscleres NOT Sigmas ONLY but may include Onychaetes OR Rhaphides.
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